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Web AR

WebAR island

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What is WebAR

Web AR

We've created an AR experiment that shows the true magic power of WebAR. With this neat technology you can bring 3d creations to life by immersing them into the real world using a device that nearly everyone walks around with these days, your mobile phone. By using your phone's camera, you can bring all kinds of magic into the real world, something we as a company and (real) wizards want to achieve so we can help clients get more brand awareness, conversion or fans.

Benefits of WebAR

Web AR

Okay, so we know WebAR is awesome. But what are its true benefits? Web AR creates a unique customer experience. It blends the digital world with the real world without the need of any special software or device, only a mobile phone. Since this only uses a mobile phone the reach is massive, as everyone has a mobile phone nowadays. Since there is no app required to make use of this technology it lowers the barrier to engage with this kind of tech. Web AR can be used to create all kinds of interactive experiences. For example, let's say your brand is coming up with a new product, like new sunglasses. You can use WebAR to promote it by bringing those glasses to life. People can use Augmented Reality to try them on, using their camera. This assists users to see if they like the glasses and or want to buy them without having to try them on in real life.

Higher engagement with WebAR

Web AR

Not only can you use AR as a promotional tool but it can also help with things like education. It can help people to learn about things a little easier, since we can create fun experiences for them. With Web AR we can make learning a much more enjoyable process. We would rather view and interact with things instead of reading out of an old book, right? Due to the unique customer experience, it creates a higher user engagement. People will be curious to see what will happen, when you scan a certain QR code or image and something pops out right then and there on their phone.

Under the hood

For this little piece of magic, we've used a technology library provided by 8th Wall. This company created a platform for WebAR and powers most experiences using this kind of tech. It uses the phones' camera and gyroscope sensors to enable digital content to be placed and tracked within the physical environment. For our experiment, we allowed a small book to be placed by the user by tapping on the screen. After the user places the book, a magic object will emerge...


With WebAR, we can bring the world to life. It brings a lot of opportunities to the table. From promotional material to information or education. It's a simple question to ask. It's not whether to adopt AR but how soon?

Bekijk het projectvolgende project:Sound-based video manipulation

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