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Discover how we collaborated with CFX Gaming and Baldadig to develop a stunning 3D web experience for their Cryptopolis game. Our custom-built, immersive website guides users through the game's storyline, gameplay mechanics, and secrets. Using cutting-edge technology and advanced security measures, we delivered an impressive result that sets us apart in the industry.

Concept & Ideation

During the concept and ideation phase, we explored multiple ideas to ensure that the website effectively communicated the game's storyline and gameplay mechanics. The result is a website that guides users through the main gameplay, mysteries, and secrets that they'll find in the tower.


Using React (NextJS), React Three Fiber, and Three.js, we developed the website to provide a seamless user experience that's fast and secure. Our use of a headless CMS called Contentful allows CFX Gaming to easily update the content, while our advanced security measures protect against potential hacks and attacks. At Level30Wizards, we understand that the crypto industry is a prime target for hackers and exploiters. That's why we implemented special measures that prevent people from hacking the CMS or server. We also set up Cloudflare to deter DDoS attacks and ensure that the website is always available for users.

With love

Overall, the collaboration between Level30Wizards and Baldadig resulted in a stunning 3D storytelling landing page website for Cryptopolis and CFX Gaming. Our focus on building 3D web experiences sets us apart in the industry and we're proud to have delivered such an impressive result.

Bekijk het projectvolgende project:Inter Milan x Nike

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