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Inter x Nike

Inter Milan x Nike

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Inter x Nike

We teamed up with DEPT® to create a stunning landingpage for Inter Milan and Nike’s collaboration. The result was a seamless, user-friendly website that highlighted the new kits in a unique and engaging way.

3D Visualization

One of the standout features of the landingpage was the 3D visualization of the new shirt on the Home Kit. As users scrolled past the old shirt, it disappeared into particles, revealing the new one in all its glory. This feature allowed us to create an immersive and epic feel to the user experience.


Inter x Nike

In addition to the Home Kit, the website also features Away and Third Kit sections. Each of these sections has its own unique theme, colors, and animations that help bring the designs to life. Our team worked closely with DEPT® to create these animations and ensure that they matched the overall aesthetic of the brands and design guidelines.

With love

Overall, the collaboration between Level30Wizards and DEPT® resulted in a stunning e-commerce landingpage website for the Inter Milan and Nike collaboration. The 3D image sequence for the Home Kit and the unique themes and animations for the Away and Third Kits make this website a standout example of the digital experiences that we love to build.

Bekijk het projectvolgende project:Eurovision Village

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