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Avans Open Dagen

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Hybrid event

Avans asked Dept to create a digital substitute for their Open Days. Since COVID it wasn't possible to host a open days at the physical locations of the schools. Since Dept recently created a 3D digital festival, they saw the opportunity to make a three dimensional website that was interactive, high performing and most of all, fun. That’s where we came in. At Level30Wizards we have multiple experts in the web development field of 3D, WebVR, WebAR and WebXR. In cooperation with Dept Agency and Avans Hogescholen, we created a performant, accessible digital substitute for open days. Read on to see how we did it.

User Experience

Every user that wanted to attend the Avans digital open day received a personalised link, with sessions that they may be interested in. The user could then update or change their interests and to receive a personal schedule of cards with MS Teams meeting links, where they can attend sessions about a study. We made it possible to see which sessions were coming up, which ones finished and which ones were in progress, this way the students never got lost in older, finalized online sessions.

Accessibility in web development

We stand for an accessible web. Meaning that we go the extra mile to make sure everyone can enjoy the digital experience. We added keyboard controls to use zoom, move and navigate on the map. This implementation is key to allow keyboard users to navigate on a canvas. We created a quality toggle to ensure users have a smooth experience, since 3D can be hard on older devices. The 3D website is completely usable with only a keyboard or assistive technology.


We made a lot of big impacting changes for performance to keep the experience quick and snappy. We set quality depending on the device's strength. We allow the user to change model quality which toggles between lower quality maps to ensure good performance.

  • A magical potionQuality settings
  • A magical potionAnti aliasing
  • A magical potionshadow maps
  • A magical potioninstancing
  • A magical potionobject minification
  • A magical potionpolygon reduction

3D Animation on hover

The give the user a fun form of interaction with the 3D website, we added controls on hover. With this enhancement the student is able to achieve some goals and can explore during their visit. Are you itching for a custom branded 3D interactive world? Send us a message or just call us directly!

next project:Eurovision Village

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