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Realtime web-based game

Realtime web-based game

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Creative solution

To increase customer experience and engagement, we we're asked by Robot Kittens to build a tile-matching HTML5 game with canvas. The client sought a way to make their audience engage more while also increasing conversion with couponcode gifts. The game is played by matching gifts, when you match you get points and after some matches you receive a couponcode. We filled the game with fun micro-interactions, sound effects and almost addictive visuals.

Web game development

We built the game in two different themes, a blue and a pink variant. The web-based game tracks your score, keeps a local highscore and contains a timer that decreases your score once it runs out. To make the game scalable we made the game exponentially harder so that pro's are still able to enjoy it. The game was tested on newer and older phones and due to building it in canvas, remained performant and snappy for older devices as well.

Live data

Our client built an API to update content in realtime; to stay flexible with coupons, sponsors and deliver relevant content to the players while their playing. We hooked the game up to the live data. The client was able to update the sponsors, gift-notification content and amount of coupons in their own system.

High impact result

The game got played by a crazy amount of unique players and almost all player played multiple times. We want to thank the team over at Robot Kittens for their hardwork, dedication and gamedesign capabilities 🦾🐱. Are you looking for a partner in creative digital development, digital customer experience or digital product development? Feel free to reach out.

next project:Tramedico

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