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The project

We’ve been asked to create a curriculum for Bit Academy, a Secondary Vocational Education where students can learn programming languages. The curriculum we wrote had to last a school year. In this year the student had to learn all about HTML, CSS, JavaScript and even some frameworks. We wanted to teach the students the skills we find important during everyday programming.

Shaping the curriculum

Bit universum of knowledge

We wanted the students to learn the basics of programming in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We first wanted to refresh their memory be repeating a lot. Onwards we’ve build out that knowledge. In every course we tried to aim for practical (sometimes even funny) examples. We thought this was very important, because it helps the student to better focus on it and better understand why this topic is important as well as have fun doing it.


Besides of teaching the students the basics, we wanted to teach them semantic HTML, CSS and advanced JavaScript. Our courses contained relevant topics like ES6, Fetching API’s, creating all kinds of loops and even the basic workings of frameworks.

Attention to the Audience

Lecture at Bit Academy

When we were in school we loved to shape our projects to our own liking and interest. We noticed that if the topic of the subject was kind of boring, we didn’t like the assignment as much as we did if the topic was fun. Even though these two projects contained the same exact assignment. That’s why we filled the curriculum with fun and silly assignments. For instance: “Create a pizza webshop where if you set your language to Italian, you hide the Pizza Hawaii”, parsing users of a Star Wars themed bath-product webshop and we even build an escape room that can only be solved using JavaScript. Are you looking for a partner in creative digital development, digital customer experience or digital product development? Feel free to reach out.

next project:Avans Open

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