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Eurovision Village

Eurovision Village

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The project

Eurovision Village opening screen

Normally, the host city of the Eurovision Song Contest will have its very own, real life, Eurovision Village, where you can buy merchandise, eat local food, watch performances of current or former Eurovision artists. Because of COVID and the safety of the audience; Rotterdam was not able to host this extravaganza. If you can’t come to Rotterdam, we’ll bring Rotterdam to you.


In a tight and dynamic cooperation, we worked together with Dept and Tribe Company starting at the design phase, until the final weeks of technical support. Our task was to work together with 3D designers, integrate the 3D models into the website, add the 3D magic by camera animations and controls, and to develop the Front-End User Interface that worked together with the 3D flawlessly. We wanted to thank Matt and Adrian of Dept in particular for the great teamwork and leading the tech-team to a successful launch.

3D development

To develop the 3D experience, we placed a map of Rotterdam and on top of that we plotted the 3D models and points of interest. Since we wanted to bring the joy of Eurovision to everyone, we made sure to spend on accessibility and usability of the platform with keyboard navigation or a screenreader as well. We added some last touches with fitting lighting, dynamic clouds and animated light beams coming from Ahoy.

Tech tools and stack

We developed the 3D web platform to work with older devices and a slower connection as well, since Eurovision is popular worldwide. The models can load asynchronous and the quality of the map scales automatically to deliver the visitors with the best 3D experience as possible. We used Three.js (WebGL), React, React Three Fiber and TypeScript together with the Headless CMS Contentful to deliver a solid experience.

With love

A shot of the eurovision village

We really hope the fans of Eurovision enjoyed the village as much as we enjoyed making it for them. Lastly, we want to thank Dept Agency for giving us their trust to deliver this amazing project together with their own talented teams. Are you itching for a custom branded 3D interactive world? Send us a message or just call us directly!

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