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Green to Clear

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Recycled Records

We joined forces with WØRKS to create an interactive web experience for Coca-Cola and Sprite's Green To Clear campaign. The website showcases the unique album created by Madlib and MarkRonson, featuring sounds from recycling facilities. We also developed a Beat Sampler, allowing users to create their own beats and share them on social media. More often than not, green plastic is recycled into single-use items; in switching Sprite, Fresca and Seagram’s, bottles from green to clear plastic The Coca-Cola Company is helping to create a closed loop “bottle-to-bottle” economy in which products can be recycled more than once in the creation of “new” bottles.

Innovative Technology

The “Recycled Records” campaign marks Coca-Cola's switch from green to clear plastic bottles for Sprite, Fresca and Seagram as part of their overall sustainability strategy. Various sounds recorded during the bottle recycling process are the starting point for an innovative musical experiment resulting in a digital beat machine to make your own records. A step-by-step tutorial takes you through all the features of the beat machine. Once you know the drill get mixing, chopping and looping with the samples available. The plastic like particles give you a equalizer of feedback on the beat you are creating. All of this works as smooth on mobile too.

Rapid Development & Sharing

In just a few weeks, our team efficiently developed the Beat Sampler, enabling users to create custom beats using the same audio snippets as Madlib and MarkRonson. Additionally, we integrated a share function, allowing users to export their beats with a visually captivating particle animation video. This feature encourages users to share their creations on social media, further promoting the GreenToClear campaign and its sustainability message.

A Sustainable Future

At Level30Wizards, we're passionate about creating immersive digital experiences that inspire and delight. The Recycled Records project exemplifies our commitment to using our creative expertise for a meaningful cause, promoting sustainability and a better tomorrow through music and interactive technology.

Visit the projectnext project:Inter Milan x Nike

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