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InBalans Alkmaar

InBalans Alkmaar

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InBalans Alkmaar
InBalans Alkmaar

The previous website of InBalans Alkmaar was not created for mobile devices. We tackled this with a new responsive design to serve the same experience to everyone.


InBalans Alkmaar
InBalans Alkmaar

Have you ever changed the products you supply to your customers completely? Well, InBalans Alkmaar does that every half year. They supply ice-skating lessons during winter and mountainbike and skate lessons in the summer. Because of this we created two variants of the website, where one is for the summer season and one for winter.


InBalans Alkmaar

InBalans Alkmaar organises iceskating trips to Sweden and Mountainbike weekends to the Dutch Ardennen. We made sure to give more focus to the trips InBalans organises because that’s where they have the best time of their lives. We care about our customers having the most fun on their job as possible and we hope this increases the amount of trips booked.

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