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The Inspiration Behind the Innovation

The Inspiration Behind the Innovation

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Together with Y'all Agency we developed an interactive 3D data visualisation for JELMYTO®. During a conference in the US, we enabled specialists in the field of Kidney health to share their inspiration for innovation. Meaning they were able to share why they work in their medical field.


To make people interact with the product, we created a realtime data visualisation that holds messages in blue colored spheres. Following the brand of JELMYTO® we created a web experience with purple dodecahedrons and blue sphere's. During the conference medical professionals could update their message, which then would be approved and added to the data visualisation in realtime.

3D development

To develop the web experience, we took a 3D model of kidneys and added an object on each intersection. This made the objects form into the kidneys. Since we wanted to bring the joy of this 3D data visualisation website to all eligible healthcare professionals, we made sure to spend time on accessibility and usability of the platform to use keyboard navigation or a screenreader as well. We added some last touches with fitting lighting, an environment and animated 3D hover effects.

Tech tools and stack

The Inspiration Behind the Innovation

We developed the 3D web platform to work with older devices and a slower connection as well, since conferences are notorious for their internet connection. Next to that we built a fail-safe so that you can still enjoy the animation on the conference when the internet connection fails. The models can load asynchronous and the quality of the model scales automatically to deliver the visitors with the best 3D data visualisation web experience as possible. We used Three.js (WebGL) and React together with Firebase to deliver a solid web experience.

With love

We hopen dat dit project tot inspirerende gesprekken heeft geleid onder medische professionals. Ten slotte willen we Y'all Agency bedanken voor het vertrouwen om dit geweldige project samen met hun eigen talentvol team. Kijk je uit naar een magische 3D datavisualisatie? Stuur ons een bericht of bel ons!

Visit the projectnext project:Inter x Nike

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