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Jerry Island

Jerry Island

Jerry Island
Jerry Island

Jerry Island is part of the label Roq 'n Rolla, Bridde Boys and scored a hit with the dutch single Pit Stop which has almost reached 15 million streams on Spotify. He opened for Nelly and Raccoon and performed at WOOHAH! multiple times, the biggest hip hop festival in Holland.

The project
The project


We connected the art of his music with the art you can create on the web.

Animated by sound value
Animated by sound value

Animated by sound value

You might notice that everything stops moving when the music stops. Since Jerry Island eats breathes and sleeps music, that's what inspired us to recreate his head in particles, and soundbars, and move them on the soundvalues of his own music to represent this.

Live Spotify Data
Live Spotify Data

Live spotify data

We used the Spotify API to gather data and display that on the site. We gathered amount of followers, tracks and links to tracks.

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