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Restaurant de Kastanjeboom

Restaurant de Kastanjeboom

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We focussed on keywords like “Restaurant”. “Den Burg” and “Texel”. Next to that we implemented notation to explain what the website contains to search engines.

  • A magical potionVery fast loadtimes
  • A magical potionCorrect use of image compression
  • A magical potionEasy CMS
  • A magical potionHTTPS/2 connection

Reservation system


Because the plugin provided by E-Tender was about 500KB, which was 3 times the size of the website at that moment, we opted to create our own reservation system. We tracked down how their plugin worked and built our own connections with the product. We achieved the same result in about 2KB.



Designed by Juicy Creative. The design contains colors and textures or the Chestnut Tree (Kastanjeboom means Chestnut Tree in Dutch). Next to that we opted for a clear one-page website with multi language support.

One-page website SEO


Lots of SEO “experts” told us one-page websites will never win the SEO game of multipage websites. We proved them wrong by climbing to the top of restaurants on Google when searching for “Restaurant Den Burg”. Are you looking for a partner in creative digital development, digital customer experience or digital product development? Feel free to reach out.

Visit the projectnext project:InBalans Alkmaar

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