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Problem definition

Roomfy needed us to develop a website that could showcase homes to rent out, get in direct contact with landlords via direct chat and create a back-end to keep track of the home you rent or rent out. We needed to go all out on SEO, Front-end Development, Back-end Development and find good fitting 3rd party software to integrate into the SAAS, Software as a service, to pay rent, get paid, generate contracts and get verified.

  • A magical potionSEO
  • A magical potionFront-end Development
  • A magical potionBack-end Development
  • A magical potion3rd party integrations


Since Roomfy's SAAS has to compete with big corporations we invested heavily in SEO. Ensuring all our notations are correct, all slugs contain useful information, all alternate links are defined correctly and protected pages aren't indexed.

  • A magical potionMulti language
  • A magical
  • A magical potion<Meta> game strong

Front-End Development


We created a fast, extendable web-application. We used Next.js built on React framework with TypeScript to create reusable components, keep a global state and tackle multiple struggles with creating a scalable web application. We used Framer Motion to create beautiful animations throughout the website.

  • A magical potionNext.js (React)
  • A magical potionFramer Motion
  • A magical potionTypeScript

Back-End Development


Our back-end system is amazing. We used Nest.js to enable the use of (Dockerized) MicroServices, meaning the website runs on multiple services, a service is pretty much an extra instance of a server. When one service fails, the others will remain unaffected. So if, for example, the forget-password breaks; all other things on the website stay intact, a fail-safe.

  • A magical potionDocker
  • A magical potionMicro services
  • A magical potionTypeScript
  • A magical potionGraphQL

Scrum based planning

During the Roomfy project, we planned via Scrum method. This allowed us to set monthly goals, assess priorities and deliver features in set periods.

  • A magical potionAgile
  • A magical potionScrum



We made sure security was top priority on Roomfy. All databases with sensitive information are decoupled from the internet. Meaning the databases and related services are offline.



iDin is a new government financed project to identify users. We check the name coupled to a bank account and compare these to the Roomfy user. This gives Roomfy a unique layer of security and discourages scammers.

Digital contract generation

Roomfy enables its users to stay home. Contracts are generated based on data we gather from the residence and are safely signed with iDin. The landlord only needs to mail or deliver the keys of the residence.

  • A magical potionPersonal safety
  • A magical potionConvenience

Chat system


We used an external chat system to enable chatting on Roomfy. We built extra components onto this solution so landlords can send a "Rent Request" message to the future tenant.

SAAS or web app

Are you looking for a partner in the development of your SAAS or web-application? Send us a message or call us and we'll have a quick chat to help you get started or to the next goal.

Visit the projectnext project:Tramedico

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