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Stokerij Texel

Stokerij Texel

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Storyselling with E-Commerce

Stokerij Texel

Stokerij Texel sells traditional liquor in a modern style. We developed the webshop to communicate their values and tell their stories. On the Ocean Aged TX Gin page we created an interactive story which tells and sells the product.

Headless E-commerce

Stokerij Texel

With BigCommerce, an e-commerce platform, we created a server which handles all the functions needed to sell products. Using our own server and techniques we are able to keep full control and, since performance and speed is a key-factor in e-commerce, keep the website as fast as possible.

Successful webshops

In E-commerce it’s important that a website is safe, insanely fast, FUN and easy to use for as much users as possible. That why we made sure of:

  • A magical potionFast loading times
  • A magical potionSafe code and connections
  • A magical potionInteractive pages and 3D products
  • A magical potion±300 pages of research


Stokerij Texel

Designed by Juicy Creative. The design contains all the colors and textures of Stokerij Texel with hints of water, beaches and sand to give an "Island" feeling to the customer.

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