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Toer d'amour

Toer d'amour

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Toer d'amour

Toer d'amour the interactive Walking Movie that brings Amsterdam Sloterdijk closer to the people. This web application is packed with interaction, storytelling, IoT and more. Truly a unique way to interact with an environment. Walking Movie is the ultimate outdoor advertising - explore Amsterdam Sloterdijk while getting your daily dose of exercise, informative film and culture. We helped Misteli creative agency develop this Walking Movie for UPtown Sloterdijk. The Walking Movie is an initiative for Uptown Sloterdijk, a collaboration between the Municipality of Amsterdam, new construction developers, and local employers. This product makes people walk, learn and explore.

Digital experience

We developed a digital experience to explore Amsterdam Sloterdijk through video. By scanning QR codes you unlock a walking route to be guided by Grace, an enthusiastic local. During the walk, people are told stories about Sloterdijk; new shops, buildings, complexes and about art. This Walking Movie takes everyone into account. For example, you can join at any time or place. The web-app is filled with interactions and thanks to the built-in QR scanner, you never even have to leave the website during the walk. The web application guides you and and helps you step by step during the Walking Movie. Full of funny anecdotes, quests and even an interaction that can light up an entire tree through IoT.

User experience

Toer d'amour

In this application, you can't make any mistakes. You can always easily return and you're guided throughout the entire Walking Movie. For example, at the end of each scene a, timelapse is shown in which you see the route you should follow. If this isn't yet sufficient, you can always digitally open a map showing the route. Battery empty in the middle of the hike? No problem, you can easily continue with another device from where you left off. We also used a modern web development framework that pre-loads the next video before it’s even needed, guaranteeing a smooth and optimal experience.

CMS and Credits

Toer d'amour

We used the Headless CMS Contentful for the client, with which they can easily add or change content, such as videos or questions, in two languages. Our client receives anonymized user data from customers, so that they can easily see whether there may be software or physical problems during the Walking Movie. For more information go to: Walking Movie, the website is merely relevant on location in Amsterdam Sloterdijk!

next project:Eurovision Songfestival

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