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Problem definition and ideation


We have been working with Tramedico for some time. We host and update the security of their websites and keep them up to date with the latest trends on the web. We did a technical audit of the previous website and noticed there were technical and strategical wins with which we could help them. “Medical brands are boring, we don't want that because that is not who we are.”is what Cedric Beunk, CEO of Tramedico told us during one of the first briefings. “Well, then you're at the right address”, we told him. Tramedico specializes in the sales and distribution of pharmaceutical products and medical devices in the Netherlands. They have a vibrant and unique team that needed a technically optimized website to more gain meaningful connections through SEO and branded content.

Design process

Our design process started with finding out what the needs of the team were and which problems they were facing with the current website. We asked The Pack - Digital Agency to support us in the design research, ideation, user experience and interface design. In the end we needed to extend the website with more meaningful content for multiple stakeholders. Next to that, we wanted to add a unique distinction to the brand in the form of an interactive abstract, que: The Blob®


An abstract 3D element adds a layer of depth to your website, branding and adds a sophistication to your brand. We added distinctive colors to all categories of the website that interact with the Blob. Next to that it interacts with multiple gestures like mousemove and the rotation of your mobile phone to immerse the user into the experience and set a positive tone on which the content can build further into a usable interactive animated website.

CMS and technical

We used Three.js (WebGL), React, React Three Fiber and TypeScript together with the Headless CMS Contentful to deliver a solid experience. Our client can add news pages, case-studies, products, areas in which they operate and multiple pages that seamlessly integrate into the website in an instant. The CMS and setup ensure a stable and safe digital environment with which our client work for years to come. With our flexible setup we were able to add notations to explain to search-engines what content is on which page, we added multilangual RSS Feeds and a multilangual sitemap for maximum SEO benefits.


The multilangual website is a mix of new modern web development practices, branded 3D elements and SEO optimisations. Our client can write content in a flexible way to reach their customers and gain new clients through the contact possibilities on almost every page. We want to thank The Pack for working together on the user interface and Tramedico for a great collaboration on the website and setting a solid foundation for future work. Are you looking for a partner in creative digital development, digital customer experience or digital product development? Feel free to reach out.

Visit the projectnext project:Inter x Nike

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