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Book of Level30WizardsConcepting and Strategy

Solving problems of your online presence, website or brand starts at concepting and strategy. After defining the problem and researching your business, we apply conclusions while we make wireflows, ideate or strategize your best next step.

  • Ideation and concepting

Book of Level30WizardsCreation and Development

We program your website by hand, meaning we don't use "pagebuilders". This means we can use the newest technologies, have creative freedom, integrate any online service and provide a flexibility you otherwise couldn't. At Level30Wizards we are highly experienced with the creation of Web Applications, 3D web experiences and animation.

Book of Level30WizardsDelivery and Aftercare

Since the web and your business are rapidly changing at any time, we like to; keep the website up-to-date, keep in touch and reiterate to help your website get further and possibly scale the digital infrastructure up when you go viral.


What technologies do you use?

We work scrum-based with various front-end frameworks such as React and Vue. For 3D web development we use WebGL and Three.js. All our work and code is viewed with at least four eyes via Code Reviews. Our work is extensively and accurately checked to guarantee accessibility, performance and usability.

How do you deal with website traffic that grows really fast?

All our projects are built to be scalable. So when you suddenly get thousands of new users; our code and back-end can manage the traffic, we can quickly enhance the product and keep all the processes running smoothly.

Is it possible to get help from a single or few developers?

Definitely! Our development team is flexible meaning that when a project can be completed by one person or alternated between multiple developers, we plan to make sure the right person is on the job.

Where is Level30Wizards located?

We got evicted from Merlin's Tower for beating him at PingPong so now we reside at Voorhelmstraat, Haarlem in the Netherlands.

Why the name?...

We think a companies name should be funny. Lots of digital agencies have goofy names, we like that. The fun-factor keeps it in your mind and next to that it allows us to do magical animation on our portfolio website.

Merlin with an exploded spellbook of Level30Wizards

We worked with

Scheepvaart museum Amsterdam
Eurovision EBU

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A supporting branded image of Level30Wizards branding
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