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Front-End Development

Web Applications

We can build web applications from the ground up. We make sure the user experience is as best as possible. We do this by using best practices when it comes to maintaining states of the application. Your users should be able to enjoy a seamless experience, what should in turn increase conversion.

Experience Roomfy


A performing website is key. We leverage all the best practices when it comes to performance. We only load images when needed, "pre-load" probable next pages and handle our content with care. Your user and customers get what they need quickly, even when they're on the train on their way home.

Experience InBalans


Search Engine Optimization improves your position on Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc. We always teach our clients how they can write good content. Next to that, we make sure the Search Engine understands our website by leveraging notations and by correctly using HTMLs meta tags.

How we beat every other restaurant in SEO


We have experience with many forms of animation on the web. We can implement everything from: WebXR (VR and AR), 3D in the browser, page transitions to content animations. We could also..., transform your head into particles and make them bounce based on audio values.

Gandalf transformed into particles, moving to music


All your users should be able to use your website. We always try to make sure everyone can use or at least read your website, even when using Assistive Technology.

Back-End Development


Our databases and servers are created to suit the use of your website. We use databases like Elastic for fast searching in big data sets and PostGresQL as a standard for most other database needs.


We build our products to be scalable. This means that when your company scales up, your website/product can too. We use modern techniques like Automatic Upscaling to achieve good performance, even when you go viral.


We build APIs that only communicate with databases that are offline. This ensures that databases with sensitive user information are decoupled from the internet. Meaning the databases and related services are offline.

Micro Services

We have used Nest.js to enable the use of (Dockerized) MicroServices, meaning the website runs on multiple services. When one thing on the website fails, the others will remain unaffected.

Content Management Systems

We build our websites to be decoupled from their CMS. This is called "Headless". A Headless CMS won't send unused templating code and clutter to the user. This ensures a very fast website that doesn't rely on the stability or performance of the CMS.

How we work with Scrum and Agile planning

Frequently asked questions

How much does a new website cost?

Well, how much does a new home cost? The cost of a project depends on its requirements. The starting price of our projects usually ranges from €5.000 to €10.000

Why do you work in Sprints?

In Software development planning should be fluid. Our customers often think of new ideas or requirements throughout the process. There are many aspects, devices and actions to consider that there are always unexpected or new steps in the process. To deal with this, Scrum (working in Sprints) was invented.

How long does it take to build my website?

Depending on the project's needs, we divide it in sprints. So I a project is estimated in 5 sprints it will take us 5 times 3 weeks. So approximately 3 to 4 months. If your project has a tight deadline, we can increase the amount of developers working on your website and decrease the sprint duration to one or two weeks.

Who designs my website?

We work with multiple Amsterdam based Design Agencies who deliver top-notch web designs. We brief them about the needs of the project and communicate a lot to ensure the best user experience.

What is your hourly budget?

We charge between €75-90, depending on project length, excluding VAT (BTW in the Netherlands) for every hour that we actually work on the project. So lunchbreaks are paid out of our own magical pockets.

Where is Level30Wizard located?

We got evicted from Merlin's Tower for beating him at PingPong so now we reside at Pakhuisplein, Wormer in the Netherlands.

How do you deal with website that grow really fast?

All our projects are built to be scalable. So when you suddenly get thousands of new users; our code and back-end can manage the traffic, we can quickly enhance the product and keep all the processes running smoothly.

Why am I, as your customer, needed in the process?

We build our projects for your customers and for you. Our customers will be guided through the creating of the product to understand it's possibilities and work with it when it's delivered.

Why the name?...

We think a companies name should be funny. Lots of digital agencies have ridiculous names, we like that. The shock factor keeps it in your mind and next to that it allows us to do ridiculous animation things on our portfolio.

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