Need a beautiful website that stands out, contains SEO techniques, gets indexed fast and contains all the needed integrations with ad services?

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Online campaigns

Mees Rutten |

Online Campaigns

Need a beautiful website that stands out, contains SEO techniques, gets indexed fast and contains all the needed integrations with ad services?

Digital concept

At Level30Wizards our focus lies at next-level digital concepts filled with beautiful animation and magical designs. We can help you think of a way to set your product up for success like nobody ever has.

Animated single page

In order to show off a new part of your business, a new product or service we create one-page websites with stunning 2D or 3D animations that trigger during scrolling or other interaction.

Product launch

We can help you launch your product by combining concepting, design, development and maybe even interactive 3D development into a performing campaign from which you can gather meaningful feedback, insights and should help you reach your KPIs.

Landing pages

Landing pages are usually one-page websites that are linked to Social Media campaigns. We can design, build and hook up fast, slick and effective landing pages.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the process to develop a digital marketing campaign?

If our client has an idea already we usually look to improve upon or add a touch of magic to the concept. If it's great already, we won't. We start with an idea, set goals, KPI and USPs to reach with the online campaign and setup some way to convert users into customers. We tackle that in Sprint based Agile planning.

What is a landingpage?

Landingpages are one-page websites that contain short bursts of amazing content that guide the user to a call-to-action. Our speciality is creating landing pages that increase conversion. We use 3D and web animation techniques to create landingpages that are a quick and great source of information, use all the correct SEO patterns and perform magically fast.

How do you get more people to visit your landingpage?

A succesful landingpage is a combination of impacting factors: SEO, good ads, great content and amazing visuals. To get more people on your landingpage we invest lots of time to rank high on search engines and showcase meaningful content. In the end of the day it's not about the amount of visitors but about the quality of that what is showcased or offered as call-to-action. We help our clients by developing landing pages that are full of rich content, guiding patterns and beautiful animations.

We are a digital experience development studio.

In the digital world of TikTok, Snapchat Filters and Metaverse, the upcoming new generation of consumers wants to be energized and astonished, you can't do that with a boring old website. With the current digital transformation, brands want to distinguish themselves from their competition. Brands aren't built through advertising but through experiences and stories. A good digital solution allows your customer to experience something magical, which in turn will make the customer a brand advocate. We help brands with positive impact by creating magical digital experiences, meaning we do a deepdive into your story, customer and problems to develop tailor-made digital solutions that perform, amaze and stand out. After just one meaningful conversation we're already paving the way to a successful digital product. Contact us for a free consult, technical audit of your website or chat about possibilities.

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Mees Rutten, Co-Founder of Level30Wizards
Mees Rutten, Co-Founder
Merlin of Level30Wizards

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