Great brands tell great stories. Your company, service or product tells their own and we'll help you tell it.

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Great brands tell great stories. Your company, service or product tells their own and we'll help you tell it.

Storytelling on the web

At Level30Wizards we love a great story. Characters and their development, conflict, jokes... We write origin stories, product creation stories and tell them to your users with supporting animation and design.

Storytelling is at the heart of our company. We love when every little detail has it's own purpose and story. We don't do something “because it looks cool” but to give the user a better experience and immersion into the story, product or service.

An example of this can be experienced on the Ocean Aged TX Gin website. There we tell the story of a very special gin that's produced by traveling the ocean for 8 weeks, where it encounters all the elements of the wide open sea, swirling the gin to its incredible taste.

See what we did there?

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Frequently asked questions

How do you apply storytelling to websites?

You apply storytelling for websites by getting down to the core of your business or product and write a meaningful experience that is relevant for your audience. If your product is changing a bit or has a new variant, we do a deepdive into why it changed and that the best possible impact would be for it to succeed. From there we write a story that touches your audience and makes them fall back into love with your brand once again.

How do you tell stories on websites?

We use (3D) animation, design and amazing content to wow your audience. We make sure to get it right from the start by doing ideation, iterations and working with a design process. Once we know how to tell the story we translate the emotion that needs to conveyed into an animation style and create from there until we tell a magical story that conveyes the message of your brand in the best possible way.

We are a digital experience development studio.

In the digital world of TikTok, Snapchat Filters and Metaverse, the upcoming new generation of consumers wants to be energized and astonished, you can't do that with a boring old website. With the current digital transformation, brands want to distinguish themselves from their competition. Brands aren't built through advertising but through experiences and stories. A good digital solution allows your customer to experience something magical, which in turn will make the customer a brand advocate. We help brands with positive impact by creating magical digital experiences, meaning we do a deepdive into your story, customer and problems to develop tailor-made digital solutions that perform, amaze and stand out. After just one meaningful conversation we're already paving the way to a successful digital product. Contact us for a free consult, technical audit of your website or chat about possibilities.

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Mees Rutten, Co-Founder of Level30Wizards
Mees Rutten, Co-Founder
Merlin of Level30Wizards

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