We can host websites, Content Management Systems and mail, our hosting keeps your website fast, secure and reliable.

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We can host websites, Content Management Systems and mail, our hosting keeps your website fast, secure and reliable.


We can host your website in a really fast and stable environment. Depending on the amount of traffic your hosting cloud may be scaled up, so that traffic doesn't impact the websites or server's performance.

Headless CMS Hosting

We can host your CMS as well, but we usually go for a Cloud-based CMS like Contentful to develop our products with. This takes the worry of updating, maintaining and preventing security risks away from us, so we can focus on what we do best.


This depends slightly on what type of hosting matches your website best. This can either be a back-up every 4 hours or every change made. Either way, if something where to happen, nothing would be lost.


Our preferred way of tackling mail is using GSuite but we also provide our own mailing system. We also have software to send email campaigns, newsletters, keep lists of users and gather meaningful insights from a dashboard.

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Frequently asked questions

Where do you host?

We keep hosting at companies that value privacy, security and durability. We value our climate, our hosting partners should as well. Our hosting solutions are made by Google, TransIP or Vercel.

What does CMS hosting cost?

Depending on the CMS, and possible additional pricing, it's usually free. We work with Contentful, which has a free plan, to create scalable digital products and WordPress for smaller websites. WordPress is hosted by ourselves and does cost a monthly fee for security plugins and updates.

We are a digital experience development studio.

In the digital world of TikTok, Snapchat Filters and Metaverse, the upcoming new generation of consumers wants to be energized and astonished, you can't do that with a boring old website. With the current digital transformation, brands want to distinguish themselves from their competition. Brands aren't built through advertising but through experiences and stories. A good digital solution allows your customer to experience something magical, which in turn will make the customer a brand advocate. We help agencies and studios by creating magical digital experiences, meaning we do a deepdive into your story, customer and problems to develop tailor-made digital solutions that perform, amaze and stand out. After just one meaningful conversation we're already paving the way to a successful digital product. Contact us for a free consult, technical audit of your website or chat about possibilities.

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Mees Rutten, Co-Founder of Level30Wizards
Mees Rutten, Co-Founder
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