Learn about what experience development means and how we use it to promote your brand.

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Learn about what experience development means and how we use it to promote your brand.

Interactive design

What happens when you scroll, swipe or navigate? The web enables us to trigger movement, changes or sounds during interaction. A flat design without animation doesn't cut it for us. We think about motion, feeling and interaction during the first stage of our design process, to have the best customer experience possible.


Gestures are moments of interaction like scroll, swipe, rotation of the devices. These gestures play a vital role in experience development, since they will trigger certain functionalities to immerse the user into the experience. At Level30Wizards we see it as vital to give the user alternative ways to navigate or use gestures, since not everybody uses a mouse, trackpad or is able to scroll their phone.


Motion is our way to form an experience to a brand. It can convey emotion, thought or provoke interaction. Motion design is at the foreground of a new movement within the website development field of work. We like the future, and are strong believers in using accessible motion to give a better web experience.

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