We excel in Front-End Development. With knowledge about every aspect of front-end development, we create the things your user will see, read and interact with.

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Front-end development

Mees Rutten |


We excel in Front-End Development. With knowledge about every aspect of front-end development, we create the things your user will see, read and interact with.


As a digital studio that offers web development it's essential to know what correct HTML use and semantics is. HTML can have many SEO advantages. A correctly developed website can make your product rank higher on Google or other search engines, have positive impact on usability and is the basis of good accessibility.


CSS is a language written for style, simple animation and layout for web development. We can write CSS neatly for older and newer browsers. We don't use large CSS frameworks like BootCamp or other templates.

JavaScript (Ecmascript)

JavaScript is the language we write to make a page interactive. We, for instance, use JS to write cookies, make buttons do things and create 3D experiences.

Accessibility and usability

Accessibility is vital, so that more people can use the internet. By default we focus on writing accessible websites with semantic HTML and correct use of dynamic content. This means we follow the W3C guidelines and use Accessible Rich Internet Applications where needed to supply everyone with a usable experience.


A website of high performance is a combination of many things. We supply fast servers, semantic and custom HTML, low amounts of CSS and just the right amount of JavaScript to keep the website loading time fast and performance high. Next to this we use a lot of best practices like DNS Prefetching, tree-shaking, lazyloading and modern image filetypes like AVIF and WebP to give the site an even bigger boost.

React Framework

For medium to larger websites we like to use Next.js, a React Framework. Nextjs leverages us with the ability to write in a default to make the whole team work together more efficiently. This means we can make dynamic pages, APIs, serverside rendering, static rendering and couple any Headless CMS or e-commerce platform with ease.

WebGL and ThreeJS

WebGL is a Javascript API of OpenGL for the web. It allows us to create beautiful 3D experiences or visualizations otherwise not possible with HTML. We use Three.js to create WebGL, 3D and 2D animation experiences. ThreeJS is an Open Source library that makes it possible for us to create projects like Avans and Jerry Island.

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We are a digital experience development studio.

In the digital world of TikTok, Snapchat Filters and Metaverse, the upcoming new generation of consumers wants to be energized and astonished, you can't do that with a boring old website. With the current digital transformation, brands want to distinguish themselves from their competition. Brands aren't built through advertising but through experiences and stories. A good digital solution allows your customer to experience something magical, which in turn will make the customer a brand advocate. We help agencies and studios by creating magical digital experiences, meaning we do a deepdive into your story, customer and problems to develop tailor-made digital solutions that perform, amaze and stand out. After just one meaningful conversation we're already paving the way to a successful digital product. Contact us for a free consult, technical audit of your website or chat about possibilities.

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Mees Rutten, Co-Founder of Level30Wizards
Mees Rutten, Co-Founder
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