When you already have some form of website or platform and need to expand on that, we need to align possibilities and priorities to plan a way that seamlessly modernizes the code or data.

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Technical exploration
Technical exploration

Mees Rutten |


When you already have some form of website or platform and need to expand on that, we need to align possibilities and priorities to plan a way that seamlessly modernizes the code or data.

Semantics and product scan

We can test your website for common problems like non-semantic HTML, large libraries or bad-practices in HTML, CSS or JavaScript. A product scan can range from finding buttons that are too small to text that isn't readable, to security errors that can make your website a target to hackers.

Security scan

With Mozilla's Observatory and common security tests, we can check if your product is secure enough to not be vulnerable on the web. Every site is hackable, but we can make it nearly impossible to do so.

Performance scan

We can check if your website is sending too much MBs to the user. This is usually a problem of images that are too large, too much code or a slow hosting provider. We can usually reduce loading times by leveraging modern image filetypes like AVIF or WebP. Our code is always tree-shaken, meaning that it doesn't contain unnecessary code.

Accessibility and best-practices scan

Websites need to be accessible to as many people as possible. This is usually not the case. At Level30Wizards we can scan your website for issues regarding accessibility or usability and deliver meaningful solutions to people that need it most. The ranking on Search Engines are often partially determined by accessibility as well. We make it top priority that people who use assistive technology can work with the websites we develop.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a technical exploration and a technical audit?

During A technical exploration we explore the possible digital solutions we can develop for our clients. During a technical audit we test and critique a currently-in-use digital product, or website, to find issues, points to improve upon and return with a small report to start working from.

When do you do a technical exploration?

Let's say you own a medium-sized company that wants to amaze it's customers or employee's with an amazing digital experience that is branded in with own content and visuals, we can do a technical exploration to see what is currently possible in our field of work and yours. We combine interesting issues, ideas and concepts into a new digital experience. To see what the possibilities are for our ideas we need to see if it is technically feasable and also within budget of our client.

We are a digital experience development studio.

In the digital world of TikTok, Snapchat Filters and Metaverse, the upcoming new generation of consumers wants to be energized and astonished, you can't do that with a boring old website. With the current digital transformation, brands want to distinguish themselves from their competition. Brands aren't built through advertising but through experiences and stories. A good digital solution allows your customer to experience something magical, which in turn will make the customer a brand advocate. We help brands with positive impact by creating magical digital experiences, meaning we do a deepdive into your story, customer and problems to develop tailor-made digital solutions that perform, amaze and stand out. After just one meaningful conversation we're already paving the way to a successful digital product. Contact us for a free consult, technical audit of your website or chat about possibilities.

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Mees Rutten, Co-Founder of Level30Wizards
Mees Rutten, Co-Founder
Merlin of Level30Wizards

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free consulttechnical auditchat about possibilities
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