Visualising data can be done with charts, abstract art, images, numbers and much more. We can conceptualise and develop Data Visualisations based on your brand and values.

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Data visualisation

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Visualising data can be done with charts, abstract art, images, numbers and much more. We can conceptualise and develop Data Visualisations based on your brand and values.

D3.js for data visualisations

We can utilize D3.js, a data-visualisation library, to develop websites, dashboards or graphics that are driven by graphs and data.

3D data visualisations

This data can also be translated into a 3D experience. We can use the data to make 3D models grow, move or animate.


We can develop websites with custom dashboards to keep track of data, see the most important data first and keep an eye out on anything that is relevant at that moment.

Real time data

We can utilize real-time data from something like Firebase, an API or our own WebSocket connection to dynamically update the data displayed on the website we developed it around. Our products are made for dynamic content and can show the user a real-time overview of any changes when they happen.

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Frequently asked questions

How does data visualisation work?

We take places where data comes from like APIs, databases or datasets and use that in our code system. We write custom logic that takes the data and transforms it into readable visualisations. We can group data, compare it with other sets and create graphs or 3D visualisations that allows the user to understand the data and quickly find what they think is interesting.

What does an online data visualisation cost?

That depends. To create a custom data visualisation, we need to think about multiple aspects; data and structure, code and views, design and interaction and more things that are defined in our Sprints. A sprint is a certain period of time in which we work on set tasks.

Can it be integrated in my website?

Yes! Most website providers allow us to add subdomains or extra directories, so we can build the interactive digital datavisualisation website with our own code framework. We can also host the online digital product, or website, ourselves so your website can redirect a URL to ours.

How do you transform music into data?

We use a set of techniques that extract info from a soundtrack. For instance, the length, tone height and depth, bass, tremble and mid-high tones. With this data we can create the classic soundbars that go up and down, or create custom 3D or 2D sound visualisations for the web.

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